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So, yeah, blog is inactive for a while now and I apologize for not updating it. We’re still looking for contributors to keep this blog lively. Requirements? Has experience on blogging, knows where to get images and a yuri fan.

Until we get more people, this blog is pretty much less inactive.

Good day!


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Welcome! This is my second wordpress blog and this time around, it’s dedicated to yuri – “The purest and the most beautiful thing in the world!”

What is yuri? Skipping the technical details, Yuri deals with the love between two girls. This blog is basically a place where we put any yuri-related content. From the good to the bad fanart, yuri manga/doujins, anime, fanfictions, anything!

The blog is still new and I’m still putting the thing together. Also looking for yuri bloggers and if you’re the one who is bored, no blog to post your delicious yuri, please consider using this blog.

That’s it for now and welcome again!


Mizore x Kurumu - 01

Now, to be honest, it never crossed my mind that these two would make a great looking couple. I haven’t watched the second season and there might be some subtext there that enticed the artist to draw the two in a romantic way.

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A bit random yuri…

Hmm, after being forced asked to put up something here, I’ll do that. However since this is a “pure” yuri blog, I cannot put up my pics at all. D=

Hm, but I was told to do sth, so I’ll do that, please cover for me if Shin goes on a rampage!!

*Mephi-Dross runs away and hides in the bushes.

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Fate/Stay Night Yuri

Dug them out from deep within one of my HDDs, a trusty old 160GB IDE drive. The following pictures are of course, yuri, yuri and yuri only. As the title states, it is Fate/Stay Night Fate/w/e related. Enjoy~ While I go hunt for more Sakura yuri stuff.
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Tears to Tiara – 18


I knew there’s something going on between Octavia and Morgan and in episode 18, it kinda nails it that they’re partners for life. Not going to spoil the entire episode: Octavia made two necklaces/charms out of the Red Branch, similar to Morgan’s heirloom, each bearing one of their names. Octavia gave the Octavia charm to Morgan and the Morgan charm to Octavia. It may be a warrior to warrior kind of thing but hey, they’re now partners for life!